Anointed International Christian Centre e.V.

Wenn Gott für uns ist, wer kann dann gegen uns sein? (Römer 8:31)  //  If God be for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)


AICC stands for Anointed International Christian Centre. We are a UK based pentecostal church and a charity organization. AICC was founded 15 years ago by Lady Evang. Proph. Janet Matti. Pastor Tunde Makinde is in charge of the ministry in  Germany. The main goal of Anointed International Christian Centre is to   preach and teach the Christian faith

We want to help   those around the world who are in need, as well as those who struggle for   survival every day. Anointed International Christian Centre regularly donates to other charities and provides funding to members who need help. In addition, we provide a safe place for our members to worship God. 


U.K. Headquarters

Lady Evang. Proph. Janet Matti  (G.O.)

Pastor Joseph Ayo

Pastor David Kunle Daniels

Germany Branch

Pastor Tunde Makinde (Pastor in Charge Germany Branch)

Lady Evang. Abiola Esther Makinde

Evang. Victor Austin

Minister Kingsley Iyoha

Our competent and friendly members will be glad to welcome you.